Cost  $20.00

"Proceeds of story's help me to keep the Wildlife Sanctuary in good order, as well as help a few  Shelter and Rescue dogs become productive Service Dogs ."



"The Queen Of The Forest."
A fairy tale, of old, with compassion of animal and drama of imagination. In Binder, if you like ask me to sign it to and from...
.  Thank you.
Story Two Included: 
"Fred and the Porcupine."
( A real encounter with Fred and his nose so near to the quill!)


" The Beagle, And Bag Lady in Boston."
( A story of compassion,  empathy, healing powers of a dog. A homeless woman)
"The Day The Animals Ruled The Earth'
( A cleaver story with a ironic twist) 
" The Eagles Told Me"
( A true story of an eagle event here at the Sanctuary)