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J.F. Service Dog and Obedience Training

      " My training is one dog one owner at a time." This     allows me to give all my attention to you and your dog. 

  I Specialize in disabilities including, anxiety, PTSD, and psychiatric / mobility Service Dogs.

 It is important that your trainer understand your disability to aid in the training of your Service Dog. 

  I often work with rescued dogs and shelter dogs.  These dogs tend to be very loyal and train well. 

  They have a desire to help someone and a desire to be needed.  It is important to find a dog with a good temperament.  We choose rescue dogs with the best ability to be properly trained. If if you have a dog, we may be able to use your dog depending on its temperament.  

  My favorite breed is the beagle.  Beagles are merry little dogs. They get along well with children and other animals, are not aggressive, and ride well in a car.  Beagles learn fast, are loyal, do not look intimidating and they work well for a person with a disability. 

  Jill Forster Wildlife Sanctuary is a nice setting for training.  There are one hundred acres for the guest or client to enjoy.  For clients who wish to stay while their dog is being trained there is a pleasant room with a bath and private entrance.   

 Training has been my life. As a professional dance Instructor, professional figure skating instructor, horsemanship training and training dogs, training has been a lifelong learning  experience.  For me the happy moment is when we save a dog’s life and watch that dog become a significant partner to a person in need.   It is my mission to help you gain freedom and confidence with a well trained Service Dog.  I only take one dog at a time, giving your dog my complete focus. 

  I am able to help you get the banners, information, all needs regarding Service Dogs.     You will leave prepared for a new journey with a new helpmate.  And new best friend. 

 It is my goal to customize a dog for each individual. 

 This dog will be able to handle distractions and complete task that will help you with your disability.

 This is a beautiful 100 acre Wild Life Sanctuary. 

  It is a wonderful place for those in need of quiet, restful, healthy solitude.  Let us know if we can help you.  Happy Tails!

 If you need a service dog and are serious about having it trained
  Please send your name and phone number to  






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