About my training and qualifications.

I would like to add that my father was a professional dog trainer. I grew up training dogs.
I also have passed Horsemanship classes in California for training horses.  I have an A.A. degree as well Social Science.  I have an extensive background in Psychology.   After college.  I worked for the State homes for counseling teenagers, as well as working at a private foster homes.

It was then I discovered that not only teaching dance helped the children, in communication and stress relief,  I had my dog with me and I noticed the great influence of my very well trained dog had on the youth.  It was really amazing how they would open up to me with my dog.

All of this and my life experience in teaching and training has I feel made me an excellent Service Dog Trainer.  The key to working with me is to listen an cooperate with me.   My in field training is not per say three four five days only, as I work with the clients previously to training the dog, I am also available to the client after training.  I am here to help.  That is my goal to give you the very best training and also to be here for you, before during and after if you should need help. 
The key is open communication.   Between you the client and myself.  I require a letter from your doctor or a call from your doctor as well.  This is all above board, I also have many doctors call and ask me to train for there clients and I am very open to that as well.
I can train a dog you all ready have if it  the dog has the right temperament, if not than we work together to find you a good match to help you with your own condition. Much of my time training is helping you find the correct dog, and also e mailing and talking on the phone previously to training.  My training time is before, during and after.

Never under any circumstance will I train a Service dog that has had aggressive issues. It is counter productive.   You must have a well adjusted dog, for a Psychiatric Service Dog. One that you bond with and has the quality’s desired. For any invisable disablity or mobility issue. This is paramount.
My training time works well and I can train a dog in less than a week. I am good at that if we are all on the same page and you have a dog that meets the requirements.  Again I spend many hours with most clients prior to training. Some are ready have the right dog and we can begin training sooner but I am always there for them after training as well.

I also work on behavioral problems with dogs and Obedience. However for a Service Dog the goal is to find the right dog and not have to deal with a dog that will cause you stress, rather adds less stress to your life.   I often use dogs that we pick out together from the shelter and find they work out very well. I  Again the key is we work together on this. 
If you have a  dog that does not show any signs of aggression I feel has the right stuff I am willing to work with you. 
I also work with people who may have mobility and an invisible disorder.  I do like beagles for the right person there very intelligent and loving.  The main thing is a dog you bond with  has the correct quality’s for training. That this dog matches your condition and life style.

Experience is what I have and that means a lot in any line of work.  I was the first if not one of the first Psychiatric service dog trainers in the U.S. for this type of training.
It is my pleasure to see hearts reaching out to paws to help heal the wounds and make your life better.  All is above board, and legal. You will leave here with a well trained Service dog if you listen well to what I say.  Each dog is trained differently for the persons needs.  I never use harsh methods. Your with me through training,from the beginning to the end.
Training has been my life from training horses, dogs, dancers, figure skaters. I am a member of PSA.   We are held to the highest standards of Ethics in training.   I am used to much activity  going on around me and am able to stay focused so training works out well. I can focus on others, your dog and you.

I train one dog at a time. One on one personalized training.
Best Regards,

Jill Forster



Service Dog

Obedience dog



takes his job Seriously


Fred is another example of a Rescue dog. He was abused and no one thought he would make a good rescue dog.   Glad to report, Fred is a successful Service Dog.  He is not a ball of energy, but rather he is steady, sound, and confident.   He really loves to work; you can tell by the tail wag when gear is on.  Who says you can't teach and old dog new tricks?