Dedicated to Yodels. 


Yodels was a three month old beagle in a local shelter. I saw her picture in the paper.  Her time was up so I decided to get her.  She had no socialization and was energy plus energy!!!  I never thought of her as a Service Dog.  When doing Obedience training with Yodels I discovered a willingness to learn.  Still she showed a lot of energy.  She became a magnificent Service Dog.  She was excellent on planes, airports,  trains and depots.  She was even good on boats (yacht, canoe, ferry, fishing).  She was very adaptable and proved to go above and beyond any training I had given her at times.  She watched me, she watched people, she was sweet and intelligently focused.  I feel she is watching over me now.       I had excellent results with shelter and rescue dogs in Obedience training.  

      Paws reaching out to your heart, to heal you.  It is a beautiful example of Good Karma at work!!!!



Fred (beagle)      Buddy (lab mix)

They were both rescue dogs, abused.  They had a hard start in life, they were loved well by me and became beautiful steady happy dogs, who had a good life.

All of my fur baby's were loved well and the love was returned ten fold.



Pharaoh and Chille were inseparable

Pharaoh is the Chestnut horse. I had him all thirty three years of his life.  From Cal. Or. to Wi.  His last stable mate was Chile laying next to him.




I got him when he was nine months old.  He was off of quarter horse racing championship.  What a hand full.  He would run so fast that tears would fly from my eyes. I was laughing all the time! I broke him and trained him to jump, ride in the rugged mountains and fields. Loved to ride him with out a saddle.  He was 30 years old when this was taken and still  a fine figure of a horse.   Love the animals and they will love you back.
He was a great horse.