All service dogs are trained by me,  Jill Forster

" I do train these dogs in approximately two or three days".  That is the field work and task.  I designed this program and I am capable of training the dogs in this time with the client one on one.   I would like to mention that very often there is a lot of work that I do prior to training with the clients.  Making sure I have doctor reports, making sure the dog fit's the person lifestyle. It can be a good week of my time, I like to think of my training time as, before, during and after. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for the clients"
Jill Forster


Hannah and Finn

After struggling with a few different psychiatric disorders, I knew that having my dog trained as a psychiatric service dog would be very important to help me cope and manage my disorders. I did a lot of research before contacting Jill, whom I found online. I knew I wouldn't be able to spend tens of thousands of dollars and I also knew I wanted to be there for the entirety of training because psychiatric service dogs are so unique to each individual's needs. At first I was skeptical because Jill trains in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin and does the training in a few days. However, she EXCEEDED my expectations. Jill really works the dog and makes sure they have all the tasks trained specifically for you and act in an appropriate manner in public. Get ready to train all day and work, work, work!  Training in a small town was also great because every store employee knew Jill and spoke very highly of her. They were all so nice to me and complimented my dog too. I can't stress enough how amazing this experience and would recommend Jill to everyone! I now have my dog task trained along with the foundation for him to be a working service dog for years to come. Thanks Jill for truly changing my life. I (and Finn) am forever grateful to you.
-Hannah and Finn




       Dog Bo.  Owner Helen

Bo a well trained smart puppy.
Bo learned his obedience  commands in record breaking time. One on one.
"Thanks Jill, and all you taught him is good"


"Jill trained my dog Noni exceptionally well and we were even able to finish training on the second day. Thank you Jill for everything, and I'm so happy to be able to start my new life with Noni. "
Thank you,

"Thank you for all you have done to help our family".



Natalie and Luna.

Thank you for everything!! Luna learned a lot but I did too! Now I can be a  better mom to Luna.  And thank you Dapper you are a star!"



Steve, Sue  and Sunny

It takes a very special person to enter into the world of mental disabilities and show compassion and care to both man and animal.  Jill Forster is that person!  Not only did she help us find just the right rescue dog for our situation, but she addressed her training to our needs, worked caringly with our abilities and situation, and trained our Sunny AND us to enter a new relationship of "working" together!  Jill's method of training is very practical, made to fit the needs of her client, and enduring.  The "on the job" training and repetition make the needed skills stick for both dog and handler.  Jill is willing to help in preparation for training,  throughout the training week, and after you have gone home!  She is also very professional.  She explains what she is doing to store employees and shoppers, and also asks for participation if a situation can be of help.  She teaches you what to say when people ask about your service dog, but never ever shares your situation with anyone else.   THANK YOU, Jill, for a life-changing and life-giving opportunity!  I highly recommend your services!!!


Philip and Spartan

Hi Jill!

I just wanted to write and thank you for Spartan! We just got home from our 11 day family vacation, and Spartan preformed like a rock star!!! 
We went to Medieval Times, which was very crowded! Spartan stuck right to Phillip, and when we stopped at something he would sit watching Phillip's back. When we were seated for dinner he curled up under the table and didn't move through out the whole show!!!

We couldn't be happier with how Spartan preformed! People couldn't believe that this was his first trip like this!
Thanks again for everything
Brenda, Phillip, Serenity, and Gloria Aten
And of course Spartan too




Jackson and owner Cynthia 

ďI am not elegant enough to say how much I appreciated the work Jill did with Jackson, and her one on one training style.Ē




Tina and newly trained Hercules!

This is the second service dog Jill has trained for me.  Zsizsi is going into retirement now. Hercules will take her place.


I believe Jill is a darn good dog trainer. Jill can train the dogs in the time she does, if people listen to what she is saying, and do what Jill asked of them. Jill is not only training the dog, she is also training the person, if the person listens to Jill then there are no problems, if the person is not willing to listen to her advice I am sure it would take longer.  Jill does all the training, no middle person or volunteers. Jill gets the job done,  and both of my dogs worked extremely well.



When I arrived to Jillís house I was nervous. When Jill said we would begin training upon my arrival I didnít realize how literal she was. Jill and I spent a moment introducing ourselves and our dogs to one another, then (within a few minutes of stepping out of the car still) she took control of Bronx and had me stay up by the house with Freddie and Buddy. Bronx was pulling BAD! The first thing out of Jillís mouth was "I didnít sign up for this!". Within about half hour I was walking Bronx up and down her driveway with no problems. Two hours later I finally brought my stuff in.

We spent a lot of time training both in public facilities, and in Jillís home. Bronx is a big, bull headed boy who is too smart for his own good. Everyone instantly falls in love with him. Quite a few people said they want him if training didnít work out. A lot of people approached us throughout training. Itís amazing that nobody wanted my Bronx when he was at animal control. To be completely honest, I was communicating back and forth with the facility that had him, they were trying to talk me out of getting him because "He would not be a good service dog". The facility that was housing him actually had him scheduled to be euthanized the day I picked him up. They even caused panic when Jill and I were calling by mistaking Bronx for another dog and told us "he was already put down".

Itís a good feeling when weíre in a store (Jillís nowhere by me at this time) and a store employee compliments both me and Bronx, thinking we have been working together since he was a pup. That says a lot. I was also asked how sheís able to train such a large, stubborn dog in a short time. I honestly donít know! I was there the whole time and saw everything Jill did, but Iím not Jill! I think the best way I can explain it is she understands the dog she is working with.

I am honored to have the opportunity to put this testimonial on Jillís webpage. As a combat veteran, I hope more veterans will come to Jill for training their service dog, the training is intense and fun at the same time. Bronx and I have a bond that I cannot explain, but Jill understands.Thatís why she is so good at what she does. Thank you again Jill!!!



 She was brought to me as the stubborn Lab who could not be trained.

 Ellie is now well mannered and doing very well happy to say!

    ď Jill did a really good job, after one other trainer did not succeed.Ē




This dog was trained in North Carolina by

 Jill Forster, Owner and operator of

J.F. Service Dog and Obedience Training

When I initially found Jill I was drawn to her demeanor and ability to answer my questions.  Now, I am amazed.  I rescued a lovely beagle who had spent a great deal of time crated.  She is so exuberant as everything is new to her.  Jill turned her into a talented psychiatric service dog that is ready to assume her duties immediately.  She has learned public access skills and appropriate tasks specific to my condition.  At first I was skeptical that this could all be accomplished in a week, and perhaps with anyone else it would be impossible.  Jill doesnít know the meaning of impossible.  In my week with her, my service dog has been well trained and I have gained the skills to be her handler as well as the confidence to venture out into the world again.  The training is intense and I wouldnít recommend it for anyone who isnít determined, but for those of us who are willing to work to get better Jill is truly a miracle worker.

Angel Colbert



Fritz was trained to help aid a man in a wheel chair.  Find the phone? Where is it? Ask Fritz he will find it and bring it to you! And more. Good obedience and comfort dog.

 ďJill did a good job.Ē 





I take Duke out everyday and he is doing great. Appreciate all you have done for us.

Will keep you updated.

The Dahls 




Hannah and her dog Leo

ď We were very pleased with Jillís Service Dog TrainingĒ


      In Honor of ANYA    

  On March 13 2018 Kelly wrote me to tell me that Anya had to cross over the bridge.  Kelly wrote me she felt she lost her life bond. 
I remember the fun working with these two.  This is a great loss, as the bond is so deep.  Kelly and Anya shared many wonderful times in Az. working together as well as playing and loving.  I have to say Anya was a sweet girl and my dog Buddy at the time was rather taken by Anya's gentle nature and beauty.   Anya you will be missed.   I hope your playing with Buddy and Fred now  dear Anya.  You were loved and served well. My heart go's out to you Kelly, you remained a friend after working together, and I too loved Anya. 


Kelly and her dog Anya

I contacted Jill in early 2012 to train my borzoi Anya as my service dog.

We talked for a while on what I expected and what she expected from Anya. 

ďJill was fun to work with, I really liked her one on one training methods. It was worth coming from another State to stay with her during training.Ē

 I arrived at her home in March with Anya after a long drive from
Ohio. After greeting and getting settled in training began.
Training started daily from the moment we awoke in the morning until it was time to go to bed at night, Anya was being challenged with long down stays and distraction training, service dog etiquette, task work, working in the public and other training to make sure Anya was up to the job that she was about to be given as well as working with me to be sure I was competent as a handler.

She made sure we were a team!
Jill was very gentle and sweet with Anya but yet firm on what she expected from her. Anya took well to her and breezed through her training.
Anya was ready for service dog work in a week. This was due to the detailed training and hard work put in by all. I was amazed by the progress made and how well Jill worked with Anya and her knowledge in making sure only the best service dog leaves her home.
Since leaving Jills home Anya has worked as my service dog. She has been complimented on her behavior in many places by the public. Many people and businesses had no idea she was present until it was time to leave. She has flown with me several times, been in many public places and stayed focused on her job as Jill taught her. Anya knows when she sees her vest it is time to work, she put it on and waits to go to "work". At home in a regular setting she also knows she is working but things are more relaxed with different rules. The public is serious business for her, she remains
focused on me and my needs and guides me through whatever daily public task we have for the day (grocery shopping, bowling with my children, outings to the mall, fun trips to places such as Disneyland or Tombstone where there is a lot of things going on and a regular dog could be distracted)I can not recommend Jill enough for her services. She is tough but she is also very caring and enjoys the work she does to be sure others can have a service dog that is ready to give their handlers a new view of the world.

I have met a few other service dog groups through friends and dog groups I am in. Jill is on par or far above them. Her detailed and one on one work put her above all others in my opinion.
I have enclosed a few pictures on Anya working in the public. She
will often go with me to the hospital for my lab work and appointments. Jill worked with us on using the elevator...I had a huge fear of the elevator which Jill did not know prior to a one day while out training in the public...Anya calmed me and I was able use the elevator with confidence and without fear and continue to use it.

A strikingly good down stay.  Anya stayed in down stay through two bowling games, and noise of bowling.  Distraction training.



(Zizi was a beagle coon mix and has cross rainbow bridge. She was an amazing Service Dog.  Jill trained my second dog Hercules.)

If your looking for someone confidential, and is also a unique, excellent dog trainer,  I would suggest Jill.  Jillís individual customized training is not the typical mass training, she works very well with the individual and there condition, she took time and care with me, and made sure my dog met my needs.   I decided to save a dogís life and the key is open communication between the shelter, Jill, and of course me.   I got my wonderful dog from a little shelter out in the country. Shelly who ran the shelter was wonderful about taking the time to talk to Jill about finding the right dog for me and answering Jillís questions. We found two dogs, but I decided on Zsizsi. It worked!  The key is open commination. Jillís training time is far less time than other places, because of her ability to train  dogs so well, and also work with people who have disabilityís.My dog is working so well, extremely good focus in crowds, I am more relaxed, also the task help me a lot. I feel more calm.

When I got back home,  Zsizsi and I went out for brunch.    I got up from the table to pay the bill ,Zsizsi came out from underneath the table and a few people said they never knew a dog was even in the restaurant or under the table. She did great in the big stores as well, and huge distractions and noise, she does not bark and really is a Great Service Dog now.  This is a shelter dog, who just wanted to learn,  and the bond is so strong.  Zsizsi did not even know sit or stay, and now she knows it all!   Zsizsi is a very sound hound who really obeys so well, does not bark, and reads me well. She is a Beagle Mix. I feel more comfortable, I recommend Jill for those who want a dog trained fast, well, and for far less money.

Owner Tina


The Life of Riley

When I met Riley, he had given up and at that point I had given up too - I actually think that's why we're so perfect for each other. I adopted Riley from the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter in Tomah, Wisconsin on January 20th, 2014. I made this day his birthday, he is 4 years old - according to his paperwork, but Jill and I both agree that he's between 2 and 3 - way tooooo much puppy energy. Before arriving at the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter, he was in an Ohio kill shelter. He was due to be killed when the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter rescued him. I don't know where he was before that or what he has experienced, but I do know that I am so glad that they rescued him; I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill him; and I can't imagine my life without him now. He is my child in every since and now an amazing service dog; he has had to overcome so much to become the service dog he is today and I am extremely proud of him. Even though I've only had him for a short time, he has already helped me tremendously.

When I met Riley, he had given up and at that point I had given up too - I actually think that's why we're so perfect for each other. I adopted Riley from the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter in Tomah, Wisconsin on January 20th, 2014. I made this day his birthday, he is 4 years old - according to his paperwork, but Jill and I both agree that he's between 2 and 3 - way tooooo much puppy energy. Before arriving at the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter, he was in an Ohio kill shelter. He was due to be killed when the Chasing Daylight Animal Shelter rescued him. I don't know where he was before that or what he has experienced, but I do know that I am so glad that they rescued him; I can't imagine anyone wanting to kill him; and I can't imagine my life without him now. He is my child in every since and now an amazing service dog; he has had to overcome so much to become the service dog he is today and I am extremely proud of him. Even though I've only had him for a short time, he has already helped me tremendously.

So now we're together as a team. And even though we had both given up before, we now get a second chance. Jill told me one day that the meaning of Riley was "a carefree existence" - "to be set free" - and how prefect because we've both been set free.




came to me for obedience training, all 165 lbs.

ď A success, definitely satisfiedĒ




 is now helping Cheryl  in life as a Service Dog.

 ď I canít believe I finally found a trainer who knows  how to train this type of Service Dog. Thank you, Cheryl and DaisyĒ


Melissa and Ike

ďIkeĒ is now a productive working dog.

 ď I liked Jillís One on One training. She did a very good job in training Ike, and working with meĒ



Beth and Lovely

Hi, my name is Beth and this little girl next to me is Lovely.  I have had some bad times in my life, I am a disabled American vet.  Lovely helps my emotionally as well as physically by performing task that a Service Dog does . Jill opened her home and her heart to us.  I love the one -on -one training.  She helped me gain my independence back, the quality of care and attention Jill provides is wonderful.  I feel i have gained a friend for life.



Cassie and Azlan

We rescued Azlan from a high kill shelter in Georgia. He turned out to have a great temperament. We took the 4 1/2 hour drive out to Jill's to start our training. The first day I was nervous because he seemed to take a little bit to catch on. But when Jill started  going through stores and restaurants he surprised me. He did well, and nothing seemed to bother him. I was a little unsure at first when Jill said we could be done training by day two maybe three.  Jill handled him with heal and manners, and Azlan did learn his legal task as well. Jill also turned Azlan over to me and  carefully watched for no mistakes.

When we got home and went to two different stores he did pretty well. He got compliments from some customers how well he was waiting in line with us while we paid for our things. He did fantastic when we stopped. At Starbucks and had some drinks; so well I rewarded him with a puppaccino when we got back to the car. It's up to me now to continue the work and keep up on the fine tuning of Jill's training. Over all I am very pleased and feel he will do very well as my Service Dog.


Thanks again for training us and making Azlan a good little helper.


Jedi, Jeannie and Mark

Jedi, now a trained service dog.

Thank you so much Jill for training Jedi and working with us.




Anne and Lou Lou.

''Thanks so much Jill"

 "Now I have a chance at new start in life with my Service Dog."

 "Thank you again for giving me my life back Lou Lou is just amazing at her job thank you so much for giving me my life back."

"Lou Lou is still working strong, she was trained two years ago."

I want to say thank you to Jill because she helped shape Lou Lou into a great service dog in two days! The other day I was at a funeral and there was another "service dog there" that was jumping pulling and whinnying because that dog wanted to check out my girl Lou Lou who had acknowledged there was another service dog in the room but listened to the sit stay leave it command and she didn't even care there was another dog because she was so focused on me. So thank you so much Jill for making her a awesome dog! 



Cricket Jane and Amanda

Cricket trained with Jill starting on March 15th. Cricket was pretty stubborn at first. Biggest problem was doorways. Jill took a lot of effort to work on this issue. But even though both of us were frustrated, Jill still found a way to laugh. Jill took the time to figure out what makes her brain tick, what I needed, and catered it to both of us. Jill also didnít take months and months to train.  Jill asked me what I wanted, not told me what I wanted/needed. Jill searched shelters for weeks, until she recommended I look at Cricket. Cricket came home with me the day I saw her.  The day I went to Jillís house to train, I was nervous. But when I got there, it was the complete opposite. Jill had 3 dogs, all of which fell in love with my dog. Jill started almost instantly, and made progress that very day.

Jill has a very kind heart and is much more financially affordable, especially if you are on disability like me. She is not doing this for the money, she loves people and animals.  I am grateful to now have a wonderful service dog, and a friend for life.

Amanda, Cricket, and Sophie ( her feline sister)



Jill trainer and Enzo

Jill was very helpful and a good trainer. With my condition which varies, my service dog Enzo and I can navigate through life with much more ease.  Thank you so much.  Meg




Glock and Brooke

 I would just like to send you a huge Thank You! 
When we started our search for a specialized trainer we found Jill on the internet.  I made the call and asked my questions.  Jill was very sweet and explained the process and took the time to understand our situation.  We presented her with the breed of dog we were in the process of getting and she did her research.  She was with us every step of the way. She took the time to speak with the breeder to make sure we got the right dog.  Jill was very patient with us and checked in with us daily.  Days before our training began Jill had to put her dog Fred, down.  She stayed strong and was able to keep her training schedule.  Jill was amazing with our dog.  She made sure that things were done right and used the dogs strengths to our advantage  Brooke and Glock formed a stronger bond and together they succeeded in their training.  I am so happy with our choices.  Everyday Glock does an amazing job helping Brooke.  With Jill's training and patience simple everyday things are now able to be done.  Thank You Jill!


The Marshfield Lions Club was contacted by a young woman back in mid 2012 asking for our help in covering some of the expenses of training her dog Jake to become a service dog. She was coping with MS and hoped Jake could be trained to perform physical tasks for her. Jill Forster had been recommended to her as a good, experienced trainer of service dogs and was reasonably priced. Last Fall this MS patient and and her dog went through Jill Forsterís training program. This young woman returned to our community with Jake both confident and excited with their training.

Today, one year later, this young woman and her dog Jake are continuing to work together as a team. She is very happy about the training she received from Miss Forster and in her own ability to properly handle her service dog .

The Marshfield Lions Club is happy to have played a small part in this continuing story! This is just another way our Lions Club serves our community.

Marshfield Lions Club President, Steve McCabe

Niki and Jake

Until I met Jill there is an image out there that you have to have a facility trained dog. Where Jill has a quiet home environment, and offers one to one quality experienced training at her beautiful quiet Wildlife Sanctuary. Jill quality's with the training techniques are equal to that of a well trained seeing Eye Dog. In my younger years I was exposed to service dogs and thought/ believed that they had to come from a facility and be a specified breed. I also learned that it can take 6 months up to a year before a facility trained dog will bond with it's owner.  They are handled by many different people which can be very confusing to a dog.

Jill's one to one training is fast and efficient.  There is low to no stress while training.  I was offered a cozy, dog friendly place to stay with a private room and bath. Her wild life sanctuary offers a very peaceful/ restful reprieve  after a long day in training. There are no words to describe the friendly service I had receive and I thank her dearly from the bottom of my heart.  She not only looked out for my dog but she takes very good care of her clients as well.  Jill trained Jake and I in a short time and I was even in a cast.  All the best wishes to you Jill you did a job well done.

Niki and her dog Jake.   

ď I would like to thank Marshfield Lions Club of Wi. For there donation in helping Niki and Jake.Ē

Best regards
Jill Forster


Jim and Abby

Another satisfied client and his Service dog,

Abby was saved from a life in the shelter"


I looked at several card shops for the perfect card. I couldn't find one that sad truthfully how grateful I am for what

you have done for me and my family. You hade given me a new lease on life and for that I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

With Abby by my side I will be able to work again, I will be able to go to a store with out having to drag someone with me. Thank you for taking good care of my special girl for me. I am not gifted with words enough to express to you my eternal gratitude. So I hope that you understand that I am forever in your debt for the service you have provided

Jim, Melissa, and family

Abby the wonder dog strikes again! Earlier today I went to my brothers house to help him with some yard work. After the yard work was finished he decided we should go check out this new mega grocery store. (It's called Woodman's) I had never been there but I have seen a few commercials and heard my mother talking about it. I took Abby expecting a casual shopping trip, expecting the usual amount of people shopping there maybe 25-40 people at the most. What we walked into was the busiest store I have ever been in.


There were about 20 people just standing in a line to grab a cart (buggy). The place was loud and there were just tons of people. And to top it all off this store was beyond just a large store. Picture almost a super walmart but only food. The liquor department at this place was about the size of the grocery store where I usually go. I started to flip out thinking Abby was going to go nuts with all the commotion.About 10 minutes into shopping and having several people nearly running us over I realized Abby was going to be fine but I was the one with the problem. Just way too much for me to keep my calm. It's kind strange how she picked up on it. She just stayed calm and relaxed as if there wasn't anywhere near the amount of people around as there actually was. I didn't need to correct her even once. She sat when we stopped and continued walking when we walked. After almost all the shopping was done we got to the soda isle. My brother had gone back for something and that gave me a moment without 50 people trying to shove me out of the way to try and relax. I knelt down and Abby just placed her head on my shoulder and let me hug her for some support.

On our way out the door after checking out the manager of the place stopped us. He asked what kind of dog she was and what she does for me and things. He was very nice to us. He asked me to wait for a minute while he called his other managers to come talk to us. I at this point was thinking "great this guy is going to give me a hassle now"

It turns out he lied to me, he wasn't calling his managers he went back into the store and bought a bag of doggy treats for her.

All in all with the exception of a mild panic moment we did just fine there. I was so proud of Abby for how she responded to the situation. As we returned to the car I realized i wasn't just proud of Abby for how well she did I was proud of myself for not just giving up and going back to the car when that panic feeling started.



 and Jill, end of training. Happy tails